Friday, November 4, 2011

Seize the Deal Has Moved!!!

Don't worry, the website isn't going anywhere... we just moved the location of our Dallas offices:
Seize the Deal/Townsquare Media has moved out of its parents' house (North Dallas Bank & Trust Co. building, on right) to a place of its own (left) on Campbell Rd. in Eastside, Richardson, TX.
Sure, it may only be 12 minutes from our previous location, but here are the Top 5 reasons why this is a good thing for you:

More window = more sunlight = happier write-ups.
Reason # 1: More sunlight!

If you noticed some of our deals the past few months had darker themes (long work week, TGIF, haunted houses, cannibalism, etc.), it was probably because we were sitting in self-loathing in the final cold, dark days of our old office. But thanks to all the windows at our new place, we can provide you with cheery, happy write-ups!

Reason # 2: Restaurants!

Just like Lady Gaga and Angry Birds are providing inspiration for this year's Halloween costumes, we need inspiration for the great restaurant deals we bring you every day. Our retail community has loads of great eateries like Twisted Root Burger Co. and Chiloso Mexican Bistro, so we can keep the cheesiness coming after eating our fill of it!

Our unofficial office mascot... don't ask.
Reason # 3: Coffee!

Not only is there also a 7-Eleven in our immediate vicinity, the office has a new Keurig coffee maker! That means plenty of wakey-juice so we can pump out the deals faster than you can say "caffeine overload." The only one who doesn't appreciate this fact is Kevin, a copywriter who doesn't drink coffee daily. (We don't think he's human.)

Reason # 4: Parking!

Bird poop. Texas heat. Not enough spaces. These are all things we don't have to deal with anymore now that we have our own parking garage. For the benefits this gives you, please use Reason #1, add a pinch of lesser road rage and shake it all together.

Reason # 5: Relaxing Environment
Just listening to some rock...

It would probably be impossible for a Customer Service Department to survive without some sort of relaxing outlet. Fortunately, all of our employees can take a nice, long walk at our new location. With the numerous walkways, large number of trees and boulder-shaped speakers playing jammin' tunes, we can be stress-free all day and serve you better.

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