Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sclavi's - Deal of the Day

Just because you can't get away for a summer vacation in Italy doesn't mean you can't sample some authentic Italian cuisine. That's because of places like Sclavi's.

When you were a kid, your mom had ways of making you come inside at dinnertime. Maybe it was by word of mouth from kids on bikes who passed by, "Hey, your mom says to go home," or maybe your mom had a voice that carried across the neighborhood. Regardless of how she reached you, you knew that dinner was the time to come together, sit down and talk about your day. Now there's a new place to come together, and that's Sclavi's Restaurant. Seize the Deal today for $12.50, and you'll get $25 worth of Italian cuisine worth sharing with the whole family.

Whether you're craving food from Italy or Mexico, we've got a deal for it. Check out our other great offers nearby.

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