Monday, November 14, 2011

Faster Redemptions & More Buying Time!

Notice anything different about us?

We are striving to better serve you at Seize the Deal, which means things don't stay the same for too long. Here's a breakdown of the major ones:

Five-Day Deals

Ever missed out on a great deal that was only available for 24 hours? From now on, our deals will run for a standard of five days. While there will occasionally be deals that only run one day, you will usually be able to purchase it for four days after it's the featured deal in your area. Awesome, huh?

Day-After Redemption

Another big thing we've changed is when you can start redeeming your deal. Vouchers are now available to use the day after you purchase your deal! We know you've been frustrated buying a deal on a Friday and not being able to use it until after the weekend is over, so those days are gone. Regardless of when you purchase a deal during its five-day run, you can print out the next morning for instant Seize-isfaction! (Just make sure the business is open the day you want to use it.)

Interactive Map

Since deals will usually run five days, that means there will be multiple deals running at the same time. In order to make it more convenient for you, we've rolled out an interactive map so you can see all deals being offered and where they are. Here is an example:

Check back for more news soon!

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